At The Grey Elephant, we’re not just another software company; we’re pioneers in turning the complex challenges of label and packaging printing into profitable solutions. Our mantra is simple: help you print more labels and packaging more profitably. 

Our journey begins in the heart of your printing operations – the Plate Room.  

The Plate Room Paradox

We know that stopping the press for plate changes in short print runs eats into your profits. Often overlooked, the Plate Room, is a hidden gem for boosting efficiency. Our approach? Automate and optimize to make your operation more profitable. In many printing companies, the Plate Room is a maze of manual operations and inefficiencies. We saw this as an opportunity for improvement. Why should this vital process lag behind in an era of digital transformation? 

The Impact of Automation

Imagine a world where every aspect of your printing tools is memorized and automated to reduce labor costs, optimize plate usage, and ensure your presses run efficiently and profitably. With The Grey Elephant, automation means more than just streamlined workflows, it’s about unlocking the potential of your Plate Room, reducing errors, and increasing overall productivity. Our solution, Track&Trace4Tools, is the key to this transformation. 

Track&Trace4Tools, is tailored to the printing industry’s unique needs. It automatically schedules print sequences, verifies plate names with a barcode scan, and manages errors and audits efficiently – all while remembering every detail so you don’t have to. Imagine a system where every tool and process in your Plate Room is tracked, traceable, and manageable at the click of a button.  

It’s not just software; it’s a revolution in how you handle your printing tools. 

Why The Grey Elephant?

We are not just a software company; we are your partner in efficiency. Our unique technology, crafted for the Plate Room, integrates with your workflow for instant access to vital information, leading to more efficient and profitable operations. Our software isn’t just a tool; it’s a solution crafted specifically for the Plate Room’s unique challenges. By focusing on this niche, we’ve developed a system that understands and addresses your specific needs. 

The Grey Elephant is the only company in the world that automates the printing-tools process. Our software connects a printing company’s ERP and Graphics Systems to close the gap between pre-press, press, platemaking, tools and dies, archiving and retrieval – all for an easy exchange of real-time information which drives down labour costs significantly and increases profits. At last, frustrated, stressed-out Plate Room/Prepress staff will have the software they need to be as efficient as possible! 

Join The Herd

Step into the future of flexo printing with The Grey Elephant. Join a community of forward-thinkers who have already embraced smarter, more efficient printing methods. It’s time to say goodbye to outdated practices and hello to innovation. 

Curious to learn more? Dive deeper into our world of smart printing solutions by downloading our comprehensive whitepaper, The Hidden Costs Plaguing Your Plate Room. It’s your first step towards revolutionizing your Plate Room.

Exposed: The Hidden Costs Plaguing Your Plate Room