In the dynamic world of label and packaging printing, profitability is the ultimate goal. Achieving it often boils down to two core strategies: boosting sales and cutting costs. While expanding your client base and upselling existing customers can be highly rewarding, the often-underestimated power of cost-cutting through automation is a game-changer that can supercharge your bottom line.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the proven financial benefits of automation, specifically in the context of your Plate Room/Plate Department and prepress operations.

The Hidden Gems of Automation

Imagine a world where all processes within your print business, from Plate Room tasks to prepress operations, are seamlessly automated. This isn’t just a fantasy; it’s a powerful reality that can revolutionize your business in numerous ways. Automation is your key to unlocking:

But how do these trends influence your plate-making process? Let’s break it down.

Enhanced Efficiency

Automation streamlines production, slashes costs, and enhances print quality. It empowers you to process more jobs in less time, all while delivering higher-quality print products.

Reduced Turnaround Times

With automation, your business can operate at lightning speed. Faster ordering, reordering, billing, and delivery become the norm, impressing customers with swift service.

Minimized Substrate Waste

Say goodbye to unnecessary paper and substrate waste. Automation optimizes your print processes, reducing waste and benefiting the environment while bolstering your bottom line.

Error Reduction

Human errors are inevitable but costly. Automation drastically reduces these errors, ensuring the reliability and consistency that your clients expect. Happy customers lead to loyal customers.

Shifting from Mundane to Meaningful

Automation isn’t just about cutting costs; it’s about making your team’s lives easier and more meaningful. As mundane, repetitive tasks are reduced, your staff gains precious time to focus on high-value, creative, and strategic endeavors. This not only boosts morale but also enhances your business’s overall productivity.

Furthermore, automation provides valuable insights into your processes. It identifies areas of productivity and inefficiency, offering analytics that empower you to make informed decisions that directly impact your bottom line. It’s like having a GPS for your business operations, guiding you toward greater profitability.

Proof in the Printing: Real-World Case Studies

Still skeptical about the transformative power that automation can bring to your Plate Room/Graphics Department? The Grey Elephant’s White Paper, Exposed: The Hidden Costs Plaguing Your Plate Room, features real-world examples of the shocking, unseen costs impacting your label and packaging company’s profitability – and the undeniable advantages of in-house automation for:

  • Yearly Capacity Boost:
    Witness a staggering 30% increase in yearly capacity, enabling your business to take on more projects and grow its revenue stream.
  • Rapid Job Processing:
    Watch as job preparation times plummet from hours to mere minutes, allowing you to meet tight deadlines and impress clients with quick turnarounds.
  • Unleashed Throughput:
    Experience job throughput increases of up to 400%, enabling your business to handle higher volumes without compromising quality.
  • Dramatic Labor Cost Reduction:
    Cut labor costs by over 50% and watch your profitability soar.

The Missing Piece: Automation for the Plate Room

While automation has made significant strides in the printing industry, one crucial area has been underserved—the Plate Room/Plate Department. This bustling hub of activity demands tailored automation solutions to meet its unique challenges. At The Grey Elephant, we understand the specific needs of this critical area, and we’re committed to providing automation solutions that cater to its demands.

Automation is the secret sauce that can propel your label and packaging printing business to new heights of profitability. By embracing it in your pre-press/plate-making operations, you can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and provide top-tier service that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Exposed: The Hidden Costs Plaguing Your Plate Room